Developers of Learning Management Systems (LMSs) will appreciate the value of ELDEVA (E-Learning Developer's Accreditation), one of the accreditations offered by EDLEA. Those whose work involves interoperation with an LMS, such as developers of cloud computing systems or educational content, will also relate to the evidence of quality available through e-learning development accreditation.

ELDEVA accreditation certifies those educational institutions and organisations that develop Learning Management Systems, Cloud Systems and the educational content incorporated within these. There are clear advantages in partnerships with institutions and organisations basing their educational e-learning process on your platform in terms of the verification and endorsement of quality that ELDEVA certification brings.

The accreditation process incorporates assessment by independent experts as well asself-evaluation components. The first step is to submit an application; when that application has been approved it moves into the Pre-accreditation stage.  In this phase a school or a company needs to demonstrate it meets all of the pre-accreditation standards required. Once this is achieved, it will be recommended for Initial Accreditation.

All institutions and organisations gaining EDLEA accreditation are required to enter into the Continuous Improvement Review process which takes place every two years.