Educational Content Providers

ELDEVA is the E-Learning Developer’s Accreditation EDLEA offers to developers involved in e-learning, whether they are developing educational content, e-learning or related cloud computing systems to build your own content for e-learning.

ELDEVA accreditation certifies those quality-focused organisations and educational institutions involved in the many activities that e-learning development constitutes. Through accreditation from an agency such as EDLEA, those organisations and institutions can gain recognition of their compliance with relevant standards and requirements. The achievement of ELDEVA accreditation means all stakeholders, students, staff, employers and the providers themselves, are assured of the excellence of the learning materials and other educational content developed.

The e-learning development accreditation process includes both a self-evaluation component and independent expert assessment. For those organisations developing the e-learning platforms through which the accredited educational content is delivered can enjoy the mutual advantages that ELDEVA verification and endorsement offers to themselves and their clients.

The first step is to submit an application; when that application has been approved it moves into the Pre-accreditation stage. In this phase a company or educational institution needs to demonstrate it meets all of the pre-accreditation standards required. Once this is achieved, it will be recommended for Initial Accreditation.

All institutions and organisations gaining EDLEA accreditation are required to enter into the Continuous Improvement Review process which takes place every two years.