Membership of the EDLEA organisation is principally made up of European institutions; however, this has been expanding internationally over the last twelve months. EDLEA aims to engage experts in quality assurance and the technology-enhanced learning community, working collaboratively to continuously improve quality in e-learning, and offers a valuable European perspective.

This network is designed to inform and inspire a growing community of professionalswho sharean interest in, and contribute to, EDLEA initiatives, events and activities. It is committed to evolving as an entity recognised for establishing principles of good practice and high standards of professionalism and quality in Technology Enhanced Learning.

Any organisations involved in the provision of education and training are eligible to become members of EDLEA if they demonstratea definite interest in the quality of e-learning and fostering a quality-focused organisation. This incorporates the development of tools and/or quality frameworks and approaches that support the achievement of high quality learning opportunities.

EDLEA membership is the first step your institution or organisation can take towards participation in a leading, global distance education network. Applications from educational institutions and organisations, professional associations, foundations, public sector and non-profit organisations are welcomed. 

Membership Fee

Educational Institutions/Organizations: 800 Euro/year

E-Learning Developers: 1500 Euro/year

You can apply for EDLEA Membership in the form below: