ELDEVA (E-Learning Developers Accreditation) is open to e-learning developers, cloud systems developers and those developing educational content.

ELDEVA accreditation is a certification process designed for educational institutions and organisations involved in the development of high quality platforms, resources and approaches to e-learning. Through accreditation from an agency such as EDLEA, those organisations and institutions can gain recognition of their compliance with relevant standards and requirements. Developers of Learning Management Systems (LMSs), educational content such as teaching resources, and/or associated Cloud Systems and Crowd Systems gain the advantage of recognition and endorsement for the excellence of their products and processes.

The e-learning development accreditation process incorporates assessment by independent experts as well as self-evaluation components. The first step is to submit an application; when that application has been approved it moves into the Pre-accreditation stage.  In this phase a school, other educational institution or organisation needs to demonstrate it meets all of the pre-accreditation standards required. Once this is achieved, it will be recommended for Initial Accreditation.

All institutions and organisations gaining EDLEA accreditation are required to enter into the Continuous Improvement Review process which takes place every two years.

Use the simple form below to take the first step to gaining ELDEVA accreditation.