European Distance Learning and Education Association (EDLEA) is an independent professional network energised and informed by the expertise of over 800 people committed to enhancing distance, open, flexible and online education. The members of the EDLEA community are drawn from throughout Europe and around the world. 

Our Mission

EDLEA is committed to promoting innovation and good practice in e-learning and extending the knowledge base available to professionals involved in open, flexible online education.  We recognise the importance of making up-to-date information on emerging trends and learning technologies available. We are also dedicated to promoting excellence and supporting sustainable development in distance education in the diverse forms it takes in this, our twenty-first century, globalised environment.

EDLEA Activities

  • Conducting research in the development and implementation of e-learning;
  • Publishing resources that advance distance learning practices;
  • Sharing knowledge and drawing the public, governments, industry representative and the media together through its events;
  • Cooperating with regional, national and international associations, institutions and organisations to ensure high quality learning experiences are available.

EDLEA Membership

EDLEA members include e-learning specialists including software developers, higher education and training providers such as universities, colleges, business schools and other companies, who are all aiming to collectively enhance the quality of e-learning programs and associated products. Learn more.


EDLEA offers three forms of accreditation for distance learning institutions and other organisations involved in business education and/or e-learning. These are designed to ensure excellence in the quality of professional development and education in the field of online learning, teaching and development.

The three accreditations EDLEA offers focus on e-learning development accreditation, distance or online learning accreditation, and business education accreditation, including MBA accreditation.

An institution or company must be able to demonstrate their ability to incorporate emerging trends and meet the high standards expected in distance and online education to achieve EDLEA accreditation. This accreditation reflects the excellence and assured quality an organisation or institution offers to its clients, from both the students and the employer’s perspectives.

Find out more about the three strands of European Distance Learning and Education Association accreditation in our accreditations section.