EDLEA accreditation represents the highest standards of achievement in distance, open and flexible education and can be obtained only by the best Institutions, Companies and programmes.

Accreditation is a voluntary process that includes an external review and full examination of Institution/Company’s abilities to provide/developprogrammes/products, which meets the highest standards of learning and technology. EDLEA accreditation is international and is valid worldwide. We work with the best experts in educational process, technology, psychology and innovations around the globe to continuously update our accreditation criteria and maintain our unique approach.EDLEA focuses on individual programmes accreditation rather than whole Institution/Company (exception is made only for ELDEVA accreditation).

Accreditation tools:

  • Committee-review,
  • Mystery shopping,
  • Independent expert evaluation of learning quality processes,
  • Student feedback,
  • Self-evaluation of learning processes and faculty. 

Types of Accreditation at EDLEA

There are three general types of accreditation at EDLEA.

GENA – General Education Accreditation, which can be obtained by Higher Education Institutions, Formal Education Institutions, Additional Education Institutions.See more information.

ELBA – E-Learning Business Accreditation, which can be obtained by providers of business education, such as Universities, Business Schools, Training Companies etc.See more information.

ELDEVA – E-Learning Developers Accreditation, which can be obtained by E-learning, Cloud Systems Developers. See more information.

How Does Institution/Company Become EDLEA-Accredited?

You need to choose accreditation your Institution/Company is willing to apply for. Your application willbe carefully reviewed to ensure it is eligible to start the process of EDLEA Accreditation. Once it is determined that your Institution/Company has the potential to be accredited, you will be informed and can start the official procedure of accreditation with the help of your EDLEA mentor. You will be given the list of criteria and standards (which can be applied for the chosen accreditation) and start working on the Strategic Development Plan with your mentor to meet all the high standards.

Can Institution/Company Lose its EDLEA Accreditation?

Institution/Company that obtained EDLEA Accreditation must maintain its high quality in all the processes and confirm its accreditation status every 3 years.

You can apply for GENA, ELBA or ELDEVA Accreditation in the form below: