Seminars & Trainings

High quality seminars and training can address professional development needs in a structured or ‘just-in-time-just-enough’ (JITJE) approach. Participants take away practical introductions and updates for compliances, renewed inspiration, innovative ideas and extended networks that inject value into their lives and organisations… and these days, options for online delivery area standard expectation.

The opportunities seminars and training represent to individuals and their employers can also be subject to compliance with quality standards. Even when this is not the case, those institutions assuring excellence in the expertise, delivery, technology and learning experiences offered, will be those achieving internationally recognised distance learning accreditation.

EDLEA is experienced in facilitating the online learning accreditation needed and valued by participants, employers and licensing authorities. Working closely with stakeholders, EDLEA guides providers and developers of seminars and training smoothly and successfully through the process. The distinction gained by demonstrating world standard quality can set business schools and other institutions apart from the rest.