Language Courses

‘Savvy’ organisations have leveraged the affordances of increased broadband internet connectivity and an expanding range of digital tools and social networks to offer innovative language courses both fee-based and free. These Internet-based language learning opportunities enable learners to interact in synchronous, real-time learning opportunities that connect them to instructors and other students all around the world. Participants can easily access their learning resources and conduct conversations with their learning community.

EDLEA offers the GENA (General Education Accreditation) for language courses, supporting those organisation’s committed to a culture of quality products and processes who are focused on innovation, continuous quality improvement and transparency.

The distance or online learning accreditation GENA incorporates is tangible, certified evidence of excellence in the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs). This can be in a range of language learning products contributing to a global, twenty-first culture of lifelong learning, such as language programmes, training or short courses.

The process of certification for e-learning accreditation involves self-assessment and a virtual review of courses. It is a path to excellence and recognition for high quality offerings and organisations.