Additional Education

The contemporary world of lifelong learning we now inhabit brings an almost infinite variety of opportunities for specialised or other education that can satisfy the interests and needs of everyone. It could be training in psychology, digital media, navigationor in fine arts for example. The rapid advances in technology and its uses have created a globalised society that naturally embraces a digitally-enhanced environment and emerging social networks for learning. This has driven improvements in the quality of distance education and ever expanding learning opportunitiesand enhanced learning experiences.

The range of specialised and other education courses people can choose to access mean that recognition for high quality can make a difference when they make the decision to enrol. Distance learning accreditation is a way to promote recognition for excellence and expertise.

EDLEA (European Distance Learning and Education Association) sees the creation of an effective and engaging learning environment as essential. Quality teaching and resources facilitated by innovative use of technology can foster the development of professional, personal and learning skills as well as engendering social responsibility, on a local and global level. GENA Accreditation seeks the balance between superior academic quality and professional relevance as well as innovative responses to pedagogy and program design.

It is not only overall high quality in every dimension of an institution’s activities that must be demonstrated for EDLEA’s online learning accreditation. There must also be a notable degree of innovation and continuous technological development.